Engine has odd hole in it...Help

Mazda 5
Wife said the neutral safety switch was acting up.
Went to go look under the car to spray some pb blaster on the selector switch . Noticed some oil soaked area on the housing.
took and pic and noticed what I thought was a hole. Checked the oil , barely any in there.
looked closer and can feel internals . Oh oh..

She must have drove it home like this and spewed all the oil out. I actually started it and put it on my mini ramp . The wheel would just shake ( she also said her wheel would shake over 25mph )

Can someone help explain what my options are?
This just seems so random, the hole looks like it was perfectly cut out. Also around the other side of the there's 2 bolt holes with no blots , is that normal?


2010 Mazda 5 Sport
So looking at what is there...but not knowing exactly how these things are built but using knowledge of other cars...and that you have a manual transmission, I think this hole is OK. It's probably there to let junk fall out (dust/etc).

Looking at the picture, that hole is in the clutch housing and not the engine or transmission.

Check your oil cooler. That looks ok, from your picture but that is know for spontaneously emptying the engine of oil. Check that oil pan too (is the black one the transmission or engine pan?)...it looks like it has a bad leak.

If the leak is indeed coming out of that hole...it may be the rear main seal of the engine has given up. That will require removal of the transmission to fix.

I may be totally off base here too.
Mazda 5
Thank you guys !

it’s automatic ,the hole is in the bell housing and looks like other auto 2.3l US motors have the same one.

someone mentioned that the rear seal between the bell housing and engine maybe leaking. That would explain why the oil is coming out.

but that looks like it would be a bitch to get to and replace ( have to detach the tranny from the car ?)
your engine oil was low?

if so most likely it is rear engine seal.
yea a real job for sure to get in to that...
pull engine or pull trans out.
some cars it is both.

so how much oil and how many miles is it leaking?

and how many miles on the car? and year on the car.