Eluto Wide Angle Rear View Mirror is Perfect For My 2015 Mazda 6!


ABC Garage
2015 Mazda6 Sport
I know this is more of a subjective issue, but the visibility for me in the 3rd Generation Mazda 6 through the rear view mirror and side mirrors is a little spotty in specific situations. There have been a handful of moments where blindspots mostly on the driver’s side side mirrors have almost led to a collision while merging. Now that my car is lowered I feel as though the problem was slightly worsened, not to mention how many dumb people drive with high beams and blind everyone on the road.

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In order to improve the visibility I bought the Eluto wide angle rearview mirror. Now that it captures more of the rear, I can adjust the side mirrors outward more to reduce blind spots! It’s been a small, but great little interior piece for the 6. To make things even better it looks really slick in the interior, I highly recommend it :)

Eluto Wide Rear View Mirror Wide Angle & Anti Glare: Amazon.com: ELUTO Rear View Mirror Wide Angle Anti Glare Rearview Mirror Rimless Panoramic Curve Convex HD Blue Tints Rear View Mirror Clip On Original Mirror for Car SUV Van Truck 11"(280 mm): Automotive