2017~2021 Eibach springs model question

Quick back drop story. I have a 2017 cx-5 touring with the eibach pro kit springs and I’m going to be trading it in for a 2019 cx-5 signature. The springs I have are model e10-55-021-02-22 with a front/rear drop of 1/1.8 inches. The newer model eibach I’d need is e10-55-021-04-22 and everywhere I read shows a 1” drop front/rear with these. My question is does anyone have these newer model springs installed and if so, is the back of your vehicle raised up higher like a factory rake? My current springs makes the car pretty much even front and back.
The problem is I’ll be trading in the vehicle to the dealer so I can’t just swap them out. For the people that have the newer model number, can anyone show me where I can get them and also if I’ll need bump stops. The first kit I ordered two years ago came with bump stops and I’m not sure if the newer ones do or not.