EBellis Mazda3 Build (mild na build)

(not sure if this is where this goes... mods move if necessary)

My mod list prior to having to build motor:
Acura RDX Antenna
Injen Cold Air Intake
Magnaflow Catback Exhaust
DIY TB Grounding
BC Racing Coilover (with custom spring rates)
Enkei RPF1's
Custom wrapped door panels and headliner
Alpine W505 w/ blackbird II
Hertz Audio ML3000 Sub (in custom box)
Hertz Audio ESK 165 (front doors)
Hertz Audio ECX 690 (rear doors)
Diamond Audio 1000.2 Amp (bridged to 1000.1 @ 4 ohms for sub)
Diamond Audio 700.4 Amp (for door speakers)

Then I spun 3 out of 4 rod bearings a few months back...

took it to the dealer and they wanted more than i wanted to spend for an oem block

soooo I decided to take the car and motor to david and eric over at SSP Texas (ssptx.com), this is what we were looking at and ended up doing:

also threw in some upgraded valve springs and retainers, clutch, lightweight flywheel and header while the engine is off.

engine out for teardown

just some pics of the gauge set up

went with defi advance BF for oil pressure, oil temp and exhaust gas temp and AEM Uego Wideband for A/F

with CP-E center and side gauge pods

videos won't embed but:
at start up:

and at power off:

ended up going with exedy lightweight flywheel, clutchmasters fx200 w/ kevlar plate clutch, and vibrant header

We ended up deciding to tune it using mazda edit, which initially we ran into a few issues but got it set up eventually.

The car is currently making 160whp and 153 ft-lb on a mustang dyno, they also were able to raise the speed limiter and raise the rev limiter to 8,000 RPM
(dynojet vs mustang dyno, dyno jet tends to read 15-20% higher http://g35driver.com/forums/engine-...ction/26743-mustang-vs-dynojet-good-read.html)

there is still some power to be pulled out via tune, but there were some tables not included in mazda edit that the tuner would have liked to see. He is emailing the programmer who made mazda edit to see if we can't find the tables he is looking for. The mechanic who built my motor was telling me that mazda edit seems to be leaps and bounds better than the CP-E standback he has on his girlfriend's boosted 3 sedan

dyno videos should be coming soon :)


Very nice, mine just went through the same build after turbo blew, won't happen (as easily) again! I went lower on compression with the Wiseco/Eagle setup...are you running 9:1?
I'm at 11.5:1; here are a couple videos of it on the dyno, the gopro didn't quite capture how ridiculously loud it was



The flannel interior looks dope btw :) Good sound, I bet it's alot more fun to drive now. I'm just now 2 years later getting my FI setup tweaked right, would've gone na build if I could do it again. With that compression I'm sure you'll get better numbers upon tune.
small update:
fixed the motor mount issue with a TRZ dogbone mount:

and decided to protect it all with a corksport skidplate:

small update:
transmission seems to be on its way out, after some shopping around it looks like i'll be swapping in a speed3 6spd transmission soon, luckily i have a buddy looking to get rid of his
speed 3 tranny (including lsd), ACT 6 puck clutch, ACT flywheel, and speed3 axles all installed now

topped it all off with a cusco shift knob


College Park Tuning
2008 Mazda3 s - 5 speed
Car looks great dude, I have roughly the same plans for mine. That skid plate is freaking sexy


+1 skidplate, it is tough as nails! Gratz on the tranny too, bet your mileage goes up a bit, easy swap?(so to speak)


College Park Tuning
2008 Mazda3 s - 5 speed
Oh, if i may ask, what are your specs on your enkei's? offset/width looks good