Driver sides door not always unlocking/locking

I first thought it was the alarm, but it seems the same thing will happen when I use the key on the passanger side, sometimes the driver side door wont open and unlock with the rest. Normaly I just need to press lock and unluck again, and the door will pop up, but just now it did not work at all for a couple of mins. Working again now tho, even if it's abit random. Anyone had any problems with this? Faulty wiring, solenoid gone bad?


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2001 Mazda Protege LX 2.0
There's this TSB:




All 1999-2001 Protege with VINs lower than JM1 BJ22**** ** 435184.


The driver's door lock actuator of some vehicles may be susceptible to internal corrosion. This may cause the door lock actuators to lock and unlock by themselves.

Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following procedure.
NOTE : If the keyless entry remote was used to unlock the vehicle and the doors are not opened within 2 minutes, the doors will automatically relock.

1. Verify customer concern.

2. Remove the driver's side door panel according to Workshop Manual (section 07-17 INTERIOR TRIM).

3. Gently peel back the plastic door screen near the lock area.

NOTE :Avoid damaging the door screen which may result in water and air leaks. Use care when handling and reinstalling.

4. Inspect Lot Number on actuator and confirm that it was produced before December 11, 2000. (See illustration.)

NOTE :Lock assembly removal is not required to view Lot Number.

^ If actuator production date is before December 11, 2000, then install a new power door lock actuator according to Workshop Manual (section 09-14 SECURITY AND LOCKS).

^ If actuator production date is after December 11, 2000, then continue diagnosis according to Workshop Manual (section 09-14 SECURITY AND LOCKS).

5. Verify repair.

It's not quite the same as your issue, but it may be worth looking into.
It's not quite the same as your issue, but it may be worth looking into.
Indeed, if they are subject to corrosion I would guess the problem could show up as periodic mailfunction as well. Guess I need to take a look and see, thanks for the heads up.


03 Protege LX
Same thing has happened to my driver front door as well 03 LX. The lock just didnt work with the rest. However, one day it just started working again after a month of manual locking and unlocking.


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One of two things,
either an actuator is beginning to fail; plastic internals -teeth-
there has become a clearance problem somewhere along the path that either the linkage or the button travels through; tweaked out of alignment or catching or something etc.