2017~2021 Door unlock reminder?

I'm wondering if the 2020 CX-5 GTR has a chime reminder if you leave your doors unlocked. While working from home I keep hearing periodically what sounds like the chime when you leave your lights on or key in the ignition. I live on a farm so neighbors are not very close. And it was so frequent, but short, by the time I got to the door it would have stopped.

When I bought my car the battery in the key fob I was using died within the first month. Now the second battery/fob is already showing signs of weakness. I locked the car yesterday and haven't heard the chime. But I can't find any documention about this. Does it have this reminder?
I would change the batteries in both FOBs as they are inexpensive. The factory must be using cheap batteries as mine were still strong after a year. They are so cheap compared to the cost of the CX5 that I changed them after 12 months.
2019 CX5 Reserve AWD
No "doors are unlocked warning".
I leave mine unlocked all the time in my garage. Never heard a chime.