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Differential axle seal is leaking

Mazda, Cx9 grand touring
Ya our POS 08 has a leaky seal as well 174km little over 100 miles. And a bad u joint or shaft. Not sure if the u joint is changeable. And the difference mounts are gone too. Told the dealer to Go "F" themselves. Owned one year cost me 17500 less trade in plus taxes a little over 16500 out the door. And now 3 wheel bearings (waiting to hear the 4th) a throttle body. And now this. So far the last 14 months its cost me about 1200 a month to own this shit box. Never again will I buy a Mazda and if your in Peterborough Ontario Canada never deal with Angevaar Mazda.

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For sake of posterity and waking up a 4 year old thread, my 2013 is now getting it's second set of seals on it today. I do go to a dealership as honestly the local shops I've been using have been pretty comparable in price over the years, at least on this particular car. Anyway the first set of seals were at around 80k and in 2017. They were replaced under the CPO warranty. I'm now at 145k and no warranty, and the cost is around $700. Bonus on getting the differential fluid total changed too. This is pretty comparable to the quoted price from 2017 that I recall and looking at this thread is about what they charge, even if it was several years ago. Anyway keep rolling everyone!