Did you have the rocker issue recall work done? Post your experience here


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2019 CX-5 AWD
My .02:

The software update applies to CX-5s produced up to April 22nd 2019. My car was produced in April, had very low miles when I bought it but was produced before the 22nd. The dealer performed the software update in early July, the same month I leased the vehicle.

I did a lease precisely because of these kinds of issues. It's also a better deal when you factor in the flexibility, and in my case it was a better deal money factor/interest rate wise than buying. In 3 years, there will be plenty of high mileage CXs including 18s so you can see the scope of the issue.

You will be able to review the service history of high mileage ones you see on Autotrader on https://www.mazdausa.com/owners
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Glad you got some compensation.

So, at least at this dealer, they are not inspecting first. They must think that replacement of those parts is cheaper and/or easier than inspecting. That suggests that they are not inspecting the cars coming in for the recall that have not experienced a failure. Too bad.
Yeah. Coincidentally, in my last email to Mazda, I mentioned what was talked about earlier in this thread about the tech possibly just clearing any error codes and performing the software update the first time I took the car in. It would seem that hypothesis isn't far off the mark...