Did I see impossibly large tires on a CX-5?

2014 CX-5
Largest diameter tires without rubbing?

I know a lot of people have been getting larger all terrain tires, and the popular size around here seems to be 245-65-17. However yesterday while driving I saw a CX-5 with custom blue mud flaps behind the tires (looked somewhat cool, but I was unsure) so it got my attention. It also looked like it has a good amount of ground clearance. I was able to pull up next to it at a light, and I swear the tire size that was listed on the side of the tires was 265-50-20. that would mean those tires have an outer diameter of 30.4", which seems like it might be too big to fit? Is this possible?

What is the largest diameter tire that anyone has seen or gotten to fit themselves without a lift and without any rubbing?
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245/65/17 have a diameter of 29.54 so that's not too far off from those 30's you saw. I think chris and a few others have ran some pretty good sized tires. You'd have to do a search unless they chime in.
2014 CX-5
I'll try to find as much as I can with searching. Makes me wonder if I should have gone with 245/70/17 instead of a 65 sidewall height. Would give an extra ~0.4-0.5" of clearance.
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I run 245/65/17 Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws. They measure an overall diameter of 29.5"

I don't have any major issues with rubbing. The only area I notice rubbing is when making Uturns and it is very monor.



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Looks good. I just put some Michelin premier ltx's on mine and they look much better than the Toyo's - I think they are slightly wider (despite same fitment) and they also have more aggressive and chunky sipes and tread.
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Do you experience a lot of road noise??
I'm running 245/65/17 Nexen AT Pros. No rubbing at all. They're a little noisier than the stock highway tires, but the car drives much nicer on dirt now. We have a lot of junk roads out on Guam. I'm curious about the 245/70R17s though. I wouldn't mind the extra ground clearance.