Debadge help for Skyactiv version

Hey guys,
Owner of a 2014 Skyactiv 5.
I am planning to debadge logo and emblems which include the following: the "Skyactiv" emblem, "Mazda 5" emblem and the centre Mazda corporate logo.
Which one of this has pins behind them that will leave a hole when removed?
I've read forums and it has been a mixed answerS and especially for the less popular Mazda 5 Skyactiv version.

Thanks for the help.
mazda 5
The MAZDA5 emblem doesn't. I had my tailgate painted and the replacement emblem was just 2 sided tape. The non-skyactiv version has no emblem on the right so there shouldn't be pins on that emblem either, or I'd have holes in my tailgate. The M probably does have pins because it borders a panel gap and would look terrible if it was placed a bit off, even a little bit.
Call a dealer and ask parts to look it up. Or, call the dealer's body shop and ask them. I am sure they wlll know.
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