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Deatschwerks Feedback & Reviews

Mazda, Miata & 10AE
Hey Mazda guys and girls, Like to get some feedback from anyone that has done business with us. Negative as well as positive.


Captain KRM P5

P1kaChu Haz P4rts 4 yU0
2002 BJFW, 2007 BK3P, 1979 SA22C, 2005 BK3P
very pleased with the orders i have placed with your company
Mazda, Miata & 10AE
Not a lot happening in here or in the Vendor Reviews. Let us (and other vendors) know what you guys are thinking!


I came I saw I conquered.
2003 Mazdaspeed Protege
^ Just out of curiosity, what cc injectors would you recommend for someone to push anywhere from 400+ whp in a MSP??


- David