Dealership tried to fleece me for service...

2010 Mazda5 Touring
I went in for an oil change the other day. The manager comes after about 10 mins and says, "You need brakes right away, your pads are down to 3mm in front!" They'd marked my inspection sheet red so I figured I was close to being metal on metal. I told them no and left after the oil change. I looked at the paperwork and they planned to charge me $504 just for the brakes(scratch)! I picked up some ceramic pads (lifetime replacement) and proceeded in changing the pads out myself. I was pissed. Didn't need brakes at the moment and I had about 4mm of groove left which put the whole pad at just under half used when held against the new pad. Ther's maybe another 4mm after the groove is gone. Second, that wasn't nearly $504 worth of work. I plan to go back up there and speak with the service manager about their business practice, but they won't be getting any more of my business. This was the first time I went to this particular dealership...



Mazda 5 Sport 2010
That's an insane markup!
I just did my front brakes and rotors and my parts were less than $100 from and that includes shipping. I went for mid level quality Centrics. If you can, DIY.