Dealer installed Android Auto 1 yr ago. Worked for 6 months, then stopped

Good day all.

I have a 2015 Mazda3 and had the dealership install AA about a year ago. One day it just stopped working. I have a USB cable that has a green LED on it. When in the USB slot, it shows green LED. When it's in the AA slot, there is no green LED. I'm about 99% sure it "used to" have a green LED on while inserted. The AA USB slot in the center console seems to not have power any longer is my guess why AA doesn't work.

How do I trouble shoot this?

I pulled the installed USB and AA USB ports out of the center console and all is plugged in firmly. AA and Apple is greyed out in my information display because it has the correct stuff and used to work. It is no longer white text and not selectable. It was not an AA update to my Galaxy Note 10 and I have rolled back on AA on my phone to be sure.

I think the USB doesn't work. How should I trouble shoot this? Is there a fuse for it?
Is the phone charging when plugged in ? If it charges in the other usb port but not in the AA port then that would confirm that the USB port doesn’t work.

dealer installed accessories are warrantied for a certain time. It may be 1 year but i am not 100% sure and may depend of your local laws. I would confirm with the dealer the warranty period and if still under warranty i would bring it back to them.
Yep, that is what I assumed. Bought a new hub and both hubs charge now. The AA port connects and within 1 second, disconnects AA.
It is not usable. I heard that AA is the culperate. Guess I wasted $100 because it now has software issues.
Are you using a hub or a straight usb cable ? I have heard that AA can have issues when going through USB hubs.
I didn’t read through the thread, but you may have your answer there if you haven’t read it already.