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Hi everyone,
I just bought my first Mazda, a deep crystal blue 2019 CX-5 Touring, over the weekend!! Now that the dust has settled and the adrenaline has worn off a bit, I wanted to take a closer look at the dealer packages they offered. I would greatly appreciate any insight that anyone has on these programs and whether they are worth it.

1. Dent Repair
covers PDR repairs of minor dents and dings, up to 4* in diameter, to exterior vertical and horizontal painted sheet metal body panels

1. Large dents may be non-repairable using the PDR process.
2. Environmental damage including rust, corrosion, hail and damage from chemicals.
3. Chrome or unpainted portions of YOUR VEHICLE, glass, plastic or other non-metal exterior sections of the VEHICLE*S body or attached to the VEHICLE*S
4. Any damage to the interior of the VEHICLE or the undercarriage of the VEHICLE.
5. Chips, cracks or other damage to the paint on the surface of the VEHICLE.
6. Dents, dings or creases that will damage the body or paint finish if the PDR system is utilized.
7. Dents or dings that are not capable of being completely repaired by the PDR process.
8. Dents or dings that must be repaired using putty, sanding, bonding, primer or paint.
9. Dents or dings where access is restricted due to manufacturer-installed bracing, double metal panels, aftermarket installations or other access limitations.
10. Vehicles used for commercial purposes.
11. Government use vehicles which includes, but is not limited to, police, ambulance or fire services.
12. Damage caused by negligence, misuse or abuse.
13. Dents or dings that were on the VEHICLE at the time this CONTRACT was purchased.
14. Dents or dings over 4* in diameter.
15. Dents or dings occurring outside the United States, its territories or possessions, or Canada.

2. Appearance Protection Resistall

Protective coating on inside and outside.
PAINT: The exterior Treated Surfaces, including spoilers, bumpers, trim areas, hinges, headlight lenses and side-view mirrors, are warranted for the LimitedWarranty Term against weather-induced fading or loss of gloss, oxidation, Hard Water Etching, water spotting on chrome, Industrial Fallout, bird
droppings, insects (including love bugs), tree sap, road salt, de-icing agents such as liquid or dry magnesium and/or calcium chloride, Sand Abrasion, acid
rain, brake dust staining on chrome and aluminum alloy wheels, and accidental paint overspray. (Note: the following exterior Treated Surfaces are limited
to the remedy of cleaning to the extent reasonably possible: (1) water spotting on chrome, (2) fading or dulling of headlight lenses and (3) brake dust
staining on chrome and aluminum alloy wheels. The combined cleaning costs for all such Treated Surfaces cannot exceed a $250.00 aggregate during the
Limited Warranty Term).
FABRIC OR VINYL/LEATHER: The interior Treated Surfaces, including original factory floor mats and original factory-installed trunk and/or cargo area
carpet, are warranted for the Limited Warranty Term against ultraviolet-induced fading or cracking, loose seam stitching; or permanent staining on the
interior, including pigmented plastic door trim and consoles, additional vinyl/leather protection against weather-induced or ultraviolet-induced weakening
of the vinyl/leather surfaces resulting in punctures less than inch in diameter or rips or tears less than one inch. The interior Treated Surfaces are also
warranted against odor caused by mold or mildew as a result of food and/or drink.

3. Totalcare Extended Warranty 7 years/100k miles
Bumper to bumper with a long list of coverages and exceptions (PDF here if anyone is interested View attachment totalcare.pdf )

4. Key Protection
repairs and replaces key fobs

Would you get any of these or are they all total scams? I probably will drive over 100k, but it will definitely not take me 7 years to do so.

This forum has been so helpful as I researched and purchased my car! Thanks in advance for your advice!
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Hi everyone,

Would you get any of these or are they all total scams?

No, I would not buy any of these.
Yes, they are all total scams.

Dealers make very little money on individual new cars sales these days.
The dealer add-ons and financing are the major profit centers.


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1. Dent Repair
$389 - Pass, it's probably more cost effective to handle PDR on an individual case-by-case basis. I can only see you getting value out of this if you regularly get door dings from grocery store parking lots or parkade parking.

2. Appearance Protection Resistall
$562 - Pass. Buy a bottle of wax and apply it to all exterior painted surfaces once or twice a year, or buy a $10 bottle of spray sealant like Turtle Wax Ice Seal n' Shine and apply to the exterior every 3 months or so. Buy a bottle of UV protectant like 303 Aerospace Protectant and apply twice a year, clean with upholstery cleaner if it ever gets dirty.

3. Totalcare Extended Warranty 7 years/100k miles
$2357 - Pass. If you want a warranty, don't buy from a third party. Buy from Mazda. If that's not possible, skip it.

4. Key Protection
$263 - Don't know how much a key fob is, but you can buy a key finder for much less if you have issues with misplacing keys. Something like this, for example.
PDR repairs of minor dents and dings will cost $50 to $75 each if you can find a guy who will do it on a private car

Again, they are all worthless - avoid
Wow! You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for confirming my suspicions. The only one I was seriously entertaining was the extended warranty. Emailed the dealer to say no to all. I'd much rather have the lower monthly payment anyway!
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4. Key Protection
repairs and replaces key fobs

Accidentally washed key fob while in pants pocket. Detergent = Persil. Extra Rinse = On. 30 minutes later......... Oh no!!!

I opened it up to allow to dry in bowl of rice for 2 days. As long as the internals are intact you can actually buy a new OEM cover cheap on Ebay if your cover is damaged. Mine was still good. As you can see getting them tossed in the washer won't kill them. Now if you run over it then yes its dead.


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I don't know what is costs in the US but there are lots of shops here that specialize in buffing out paint scratches and fixing dents and dings. I took my Renault Duster to one of these before trading it in on my new Signature. It had a zillion scratches from brush, people leaning on the car when it was dirty, parking lot scrapes and so on. One day and $100US and the car was perfect. I had no idea it would be so cheap. I will probably take the Signature in every couple of years for the same treatment. A body person at the dealer where I bought the car even suggested it. Of course an advantage is that labor is extremely cheap here in Colombia.

I guess the Zeibart shops where they would undercoat your car are out of business in the US now.

Avoidin Deer

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This forum has been so helpful as I researched and purchased my car! Thanks in advance for your advice!

I gotta second this sentiment. I spent lots of time here asking questions before pulling the trigger. I continue to learn so much.

I have a couple of stories on the dealer-sold stuff.

The sales guy talked up their paint & interior protection package. He picked me up and kept telling me on the ride to the dealership how much he liked the "discounted" semi-annual $50 detailing [likely by the guy who sweeps the shop floors] that was included in it. He sold it hard.

I asked him exactly what product they were gonna apply to my leather interior (I got a Reserve). He had no answer. Neither could he tell me the specifics of the paint protection, so I took the brochure and told him I'd think about it.

I got home and looked up the website on the brochure, and it's dead! There ain't no active website!!! I sent the sales guy an email, he said he'd "look into it" and get back to me. [*crickets*]

The finance guy tried to sell me wheel and tire insurance. The graphic he pulled up on the computer had arrows and repair costs pointing to all of the suspension components. I asked: "Isn't this just insurance for potholes and hopped curbs? What's with all the costs for suspension repairs?" He said "Yeh, I hate that picture." Now, this info was only on his tablet. It was not a brochure or flyer that I would be given to refer to later. I wish I had taken a picture of it with my phone, just to make him sweat.

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I worked for 10 years as the assistant parts/service manager. And I can tell you stay away from anything they sell extra it*s all a bunch of garbage. They sell some of it to you let*s say for 1000 bucks and the business office makes like $800 off it because some minimum wage guy puts the cheapest garbage product on your car. It*s purely a money maker for them that*s all. 0 Benefit to your car. I*m really amazed dealerships are even allowed to sell all this garbage anymore.
Regarding extended warranty I would also skip this. I can count on one hand the amount of customers that had it and actually had repairs that cost more then what they paid for there extended warranty, and this is over 10 years. 95% of people either never used it at all or used very little.

So ya stay FAR away! Enjoy the car !!
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I'll be the lone dissenter. I promise you I would have gotten my money's worth out of #1. :D
The rest are a definite pass.

Re: Key Fob: a new key fob is $300 from a dealer. I bought one on Ebay for $100 and had it reprogrammed at the dealer for $100: $200 total. About the cheapest you will get a new key.. which is still cheaper then the replacement plan offered.
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Re: Key Fob: a new key fob is $300 from a dealer. I bought one on Ebay for $100 and had it reprogrammed at the dealer for $100: $200 total. About the cheapest you will get a new key.. which is still cheaper then the replacement plan offered.

And that's not accounting for the hassle of proving you are eligible, navigating the fine print, and actually going through the claim process. Can you just say you want another key, or do you have to provide a police report or something?
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Pass on them all.

For paint protection, go see a local tint shop (do your research - they aren't all the same!) and get paint protection film applied to at LEAST the front of your bumper and at least 18-20" (more if u can afford it) of your hood. I got mine done for about 450$.

As for the protective coating stuff.. if you have Krown protection where you are, get it. 100-120$ a year applied once a year will do more for you than that 562$ crap.

Good luck!


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If you could get number 3 for about $1,300 it might be worth considering. All the others I'd definitely pass on. Ed