2017~2021 Deactivating Traction Control "on the fly"?


I just came home from picking my kids up from school, and we had heavy sudden snowstorm just before leaving to get them.
This is the first time I've had the CX-5 in heavy snow on untreated roads, and I have a long, narrow two-lane hill on my route.

I was doing OK getting up the hill, until I had to slow down when a passing car was crowding my lane. That sapped my momentum and made it a struggle getting up the hill, with a 3/4 ton 4x4 on my tail.

Am I able to deactivate traction control "on the fly" by pressing the TC OFF button as I'm driving?
The owner's manual doesn't say either way, so I'm guessing it will deactivate 'on the fly.'
In my Honda Ridgeline, I can't disable it unless I'm stopped and in park.