Dashcam wiring for 2019 without auto-dimming rearview mirror?

I have a 2019 CX-5 Sport with the i-Activsense package (Radar cruise, lane keep, etc).

Is there any way to tap for power around the mirror or all of the sensors for the lane keep and collision warning systems?
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How about the front dome light? You get to control when it powers off...Always on, timed off, or just off.
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2017 CX-5 Sport
I have my wired to the fuse box. The cables from the dash cam wraps into the rearview mirror down to the fuse box. Why don't you do that?
That's how I have mine, only mine is actually on the windshield. I specifically got one that sticks to the windshield due to vibration from my subwoofer, I'd never get a clear picture otherwise.


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