CX7 MZR 2.3 Boost Pressure

Mazdaspeed Protege
Hi, any of you guys have a boost gauge in your cx7? I installed one to monitor the boost pressure in my car because it didn't feel consistent. Turns out I was right.

When I stand on it from a dig, the boost will peak to 11/12 psi for a second then quickly settles around 5/6 psi in 1st gear, then it shifts to second gear, same thing, peaks around 11 then settles to about 5. When I drive it normally the boost won't go past 5/6 psi.

Does this sound normal to you? I know the car has a boost solenoid from the factory, however I don't know what the waste gate spring pressure is supposed to be and what correction the ecm will do via the solenoid.

Wondering if I may have a diverter valve problem that would cause the boost to escape. I may be totally wrong and it's supposed to be like that.

Any input would be welcome.