CX5 2016.5 noises from front suspension

First time posting here so grateful for any insight....there's a single click / tap sound from both the left or front wheels (not at the same time) when they are turned at low speeds - turning in and out of driveways, pulling out of side streets etc. The noises come and go though out the day.

The left front suspension also creaks over speed bumps.

Both lower control arm bushings were previously replaced under warranty when I reported a harsh ride when they were both found to be cracked but the the ride still feels harsh like there's hardly any suspension at crashes into and over bumps on city streets making it the most uncomfortable car I've ever driven. I know a firm ride is a characteristic (supposedly to make it sporty) but I personally find it to be unbearable on city streets. I confess I bought the car without test driving after reading all the glowing reviews but it feels like the motoring journalists were talking about a completely different vehicle.

Anyway, I still have noises....perhaps someone has experience the same thing.

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What tires are on it (size,brand,model,speed rating,tread depth) and at what pressure? How many miles on vehicle? Need more info to possibly assist you. Jmaz
You should bring the car to a suspension specialist to have it looked at. Id be starting with checking front struts and top strut mountings. has 17,000 miles.

It's actually back with the dealer today so they can have another go at finding out what is wrong but previously they said they couldn't find anything. This time I took the car back and was told the mechanic heard the click/tap noise I mentioned so they were going to keep looking.

When the lower control arm bushings were both replaced I was told that they wouldn't have any impact on ride comfort.

It's on the original tires which I think are Toro - I don't have the car at the moment to double check but the tread is fine on them from what I could tell when I last looked.

I don't drive aggressively or fast. The service dept guy (who is being helpful) said the 2019 drives a lot different to the 2016.
Thanks for your's an update:

Picked up the car and the dealer said they have tightened the sway bar end links as well as the lower control arms. They said they were able to pinpoint what to do after the mechanic was able to hear the noises from the suspension....previously they hadn't heard it.

They did a mini service as well and the tires are now at 36 all-round. The ride has improved and the noise from the suspension has mostly been reduced although the clicking and tapping is still there occasionally. There is also still a bit of noise from the left front suspension over speed bumps.
I picked up the car a few days ago but unfortunately the suspension is still making the same noises. I'm going to ask dealer to replace the suspension parts. They altered the existing ones. Time for a new approach.
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There is a TSB # 02-012/18 Issued 06-07-2018
There was a previous one for the 2016, I just looked at the 2017-18


"Some vehicles may exhibit a clunking noise from the front coil springs when driving over bumps. The noise is due to stick-slip between the front strut bearing (1) and the coil spring (2)."

To eliminate the noise, protectors have been installed onto the coil spring.

Mine started doing the same thing, started noticing it when I turned into my driveway, which has that drain type bump that runs down the side of the road. Began paying more attention and can hear it over speed bumps as well.

I have a picture of the TSB off of the screen from All-data
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2018 CX-5 GT Silver / 2003 MX-5 SE JRSC
I am about to order the parts from the TSB, I have spring compressors and access to heavy duty wall mounted compressors. I know it's covered under warranty, but I don't trust my dealership for various reasons, so decided to do it myself. It only allows 1 hour on the TSB, don't know if that is 1 side or 2, but to me that is ridiculous and I can see the dealership not wanting to do it. Has anyone done this "fix" themselves ? Any tips ? If not, I will try to post pictures in this thread with step by step instructions. I've been working on cars for over 40 years, to shouldn't be a problem.
The service dept guy (who is being helpful) said the 2019 drives a lot different to the 2016.
Agree! I was in the dealer's new 2019 loaners for over a month while they were trying to figure my car out. I hate how they look but didn't want to give it back. Really pleasant to drive. Transmission is smoother and feels much more solid overall, like there's a dramatic difference in curb weight. Fuel efficiency wasn't noticeably different.

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