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2007~2015 CX-9 won’t start

sorry for late reply.. any descent garage or mechanic must be carrying computer/OBD2 device after replacing new crank sensor he cant do it with OBD2 device. You can explore in you tube also by typing ford crankshaft replace relearn procedure.
Mazda cx-9 2008
sensor replaced but probably unnecessary because my sensor was tested and had good resistance. I think this is a big service but weak mechanics. After replacing the sensor, the car still did not start. Then they discovered a break on the cables. Interesting. I think it's not honest and weak mechanics for a mazda cx 9. I think that damage was done by wild animals, rodents. The car is working well. Do I have to go to a Mazda or Ford to calibrate this sensor? Can only websites do this? Is that necessary?

congrats for fix..i don't why wild animal have no other place to live and why they go for cars. It will be better reclibrate the new sensor just to be safe for no later problems, if car is running and starting fine another few weeks then just leave it.
2010 CX-9 GT
It isn't soy based insulation. This has been an issue long before any of the manufacturers switched insulation. This happened to my car in 1995. Car dealers in some areas see about 1 car a month with chewed wires. For reasons that are not entirely clear, rodents like to climb into the engine bays of parked cars.

The soy theory sounds plausible, but I haven't seen anyone present any actual data that shows rodents seek it out and chew it more frequently than traditional insulation. The attorney that led the class action lawsuit against Toyota admitted he didn't have any such information, but was sure something would come out during discovery. The suit was dismissed.