CX-9 Roof Rack Capacity

2014 CX-9 GT AWD
I posted this within another thread, but in hindsight, it was kind of a highjack, and I don't think it was getting seen. So I'll post a new thread to keep the topic goes...

I've been trying to figure this out for my wife's new to her 2014 GT AWD. I've read a bunch of threads and am still shocked at the low capacity limit.

That being said, I'm not convinced the roof rails are limited to 100 pounds vs the cross rails being the limit for the whole setup (the weakest link). The reason I say that is the way it's shown on the Mazda accessory page. When you look at how it's worded when they show the roof rack and cross bars, the 100 pound limit is specified only for the cross rails in the description of the roof rails.

It says: "Roof Rails - Black (Attachments require Roof Rack Cross Bars 0000-8L-N02B; 100-lb. Capacity Evenly Distributed)"

The description for the 100 pounds is for the cross rails specifically. The description of the cross bars is identical as "Cross Bars 0000-8L-N02B; 100-lb. Capacity Evenly Distributed)"

So when looking at the roof rack, the description is just referencing the cross bars and their verbatim description which has the 100 pound limit. At least that's how I'm seeing it.

I just can't believe the roof rails which seem so solid, can only hold 100 pounds. I can see the cross bars only handling it though, as they do seem flimsy when I checked out a set at the dealer. I was thinking of putting Yakima Whispbars on the factory rails, as they mount in the factory rail grooves, not clamp on top/around. They are rated for 220 pounds. I don't need nearly that much, but even 150 pounds total is better than 100 for the factory cross bars and I'd pay the price for the Yakima bars to get that with safety and piece of mind I won't hurt the CX-9. My Yakima Carbonite 16 cu ft box alone weights 52 pounds. Put 5 pairs of skis in there and I'm over 100 pounds. Seems very weak...

What do you guys think? Is all the talk about there being a 100 pound limit for either the roof rails or cross bars possibly a misunderstanding? Could Mazda be specifying the limit of the setup when using their OEM cross bars at 100 pounds, which is all they would test/rate the car for, at the max capacity for the cross bars which may just be the weakest link?
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I'm pretty sure it is for the cross bars. But how are you going to carry anything without the crossbars? Is it wide enough to fit on the rails themselves? And with the curve of the rails will your load sit properly?

There is also another post in the section and this is what is said there:

Originally Posted by brad.cogar
I want to put some roof racks on my CX-9 and I saw that the factory racks are made to hold only 100 lbs. Is there an aftermarket option that wouldn't cost too much more that would hold more weight?
If you already have factory rails, the various aftermarket crossbars are limited by the ability of the rails - 100lbs.
2014 CX-9 GT AWD
So he's saying it is the rails as well, but when I read how the description is worded on the mazda accessory site, it's the cross bars that seem to have the 100 pound designation in their description...

To your question on what I would use, I was thinking of not using the mazda cross bars, but using whispbars instead.

They go right into the factory rails and are rated at 165 pounds. That 65 extra pounds over the factory rails is worth it to me, as my cargo box weighs 52 pounds alone.
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