CX-9 Hidden Hitch Install with Mazda OEM wiring harness (pictures)


2009 CX-9 GT AWD
Installed a Hidden Hitch Class III and the Mazda OEM wiring harness on my 2009 CX-9 GT AWD today. I figured I would post pics to share.

Mazda OEM hitch harness part number is: 0000-8E-N13. $61 plus shipping at This harness should work on 2009/2010 CX-9s all AWD models and FWD GT models.

UPDATE 5/17: Mazda OEM hitch wiring harness install instructions are attached to the bottom of this post. NOTE: The instructions say the harness connector is on the driver side. I found it on the passenger side, so I installed the hitch module near the tire jack, instead of over by the driver side storage bin. (This actually made the install much easier, I only had to remove the storage compartment and the rear threshold plate)

The hitch install is easy - 6 bolts. Used a hydraulic jack to hold it in place while installing the bolts. has a video if people want to see the install

Remove 2 plastic push nuts in the bottom of the storage tray and the whole tray comes out.



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Does the receiver have a bracket for the wiring connector, or does it dangle?

Nice to finally see where the factory connector is. Others have been asking about that.
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2009 CX-9 GT AWD
The Hidden Hitch has a small shelf (with holes for securing the connector). I just wedged the connector between the shelf and the bumper cover. The connector has a rubber plug to protect it when not in use. You could easily tuck it up into the bumper to hide it.

The Mazda harness connector is rubber is designed to just clip into the Mazda hitch.
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Hello to all!

My wife and I just purchased a 2010 CX-9 Touring AWD at the end of March and we love it. I have been scoping out a forum that I would like and I have decided to become part of this one.

Everyone seems to get along and there are very good discussions. Having 2 Volkswagens already, buying a Mazda seemed like a leap of faith, but everyone here seems to enjoy their 9's for the most part and it's what the wife wanted, so.......

So I am just saying hello and look forward to participating .

Oh yeah, expecting my Draw-Tite Class III hitch tomorrow from What a great company.


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We are one big Mazda family and we have the normal disagreemets from time to time...just like any family.

Welcome mojoman!
Just install my wire harness last night. And would like to share that, certain parts of the instruction that came with it is not correct.
1) It states the connector is on the driver side, but its on the passenger side.
2) It tells you to remove the subwoofer and small panel above it, but its really not needed. You could to get more space to work with by removing it, but I didn't need to.
3) It also instructs you to remove all the cargo hooks, not needed either since you won't be removing any of the panels that covers the rear tail lights.

Overall, this install is super easy compare to the after market version (which isn't hard either). I finished so fast that I went out for ice cream afterwards, lol.
The Hidden Hitch has a small shelf (with holes for securing the connector). I just wedged the connector between the shelf and the bumper cover. The connector has a rubber plug to protect it when not in use. You could easily tuck it up into the bumper to hide it.

The Mazda harness connector is rubber is designed to just clip into the Mazda hitch.
I just installed the hitch and factory harness this weekend. In looking at your pictures, I realize that I placed the harness in exactly the same spot as you and I also wedged the connector between the shelf and the bumper. The only thing I did a bit different was use a zip tie to secure the connector to the tray by routing through the mounting holes.



2010 CX9 GT AWD
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I just joined the forum thanks to gtxjoe. I had been trying to find info everywhere re oem hitch wiring. Ordered Hidden Hitch class III from e-trailer with their wiring harness which needs to run wire up to battery. I knew their had to be any easier way. Can't believe Mazda is so vague re info on Trailer Prep Package. Thanks for your excellent post!
trailer wiring install

New to the forum and I have a question regarding the wiring install on a trailer hitch: Do I need to run a wire to the battery or just plug into the harness in the passenger rear like the above photos?? I Installed a Curt class III on my 2010 CX-9 GT with towing prep package (standard on all GT). Started researching the wiring harness, called 3 separate dealers and read numerous threads online all stating I need to run a power wire directly to battery or you risk overloading the current wiring system regardless of what model CX-9 you have. The towing prep package is:

1. A heavy duty transmission oil cooler and radiator fan
2. A revised engine control module (probably means that the computer has been programmed to be more effective when towing)
3. And a 3,500 pound towing capacity

Nowhere is wiring harness mentioned. Please help an ignorant diy'er

Pootie Tang

The unit I installed called for a 7.5A fused line to the battery. I did nothing of the sort and instead tapped the 12V power outlet on the pass side compartment. For piece of mind I did install the provided 7.5A fuse after the tap to properly protect the trailer wiring circuitry. Should work fine.

I purchased this wiring harness for my 09 GT, When I got the tray and everything else apart, I found the wiring connector had been cut away. does anyone have the mapping of the 6 wires to which pins on the connector? The harness has 6 wires red, white, green. yellow, brown and black... the mazda has a green, black, green w/white stripe, green w/yellow strip, green with black stripe and a lime green wire.

Anyone have a wire diagram or pin out, would be appreciated.
hello, new to forum
I have a 2010 mazda cx 9 , I am installing a hitch and the wiring. I have been looking for answers for the harness to purchase .I found the hookup in the back of my car, and tested each prong one is for left blinker one for rt. taillights,and brake lts.the other two which had a black and the other green wire to them had no reading ,i noticed in the fuse box in the glove compartment that there is a slot for trailer and takes a 15 amp fuse but did not have a fuse in it,the book says nothing, i put one in and got constant power from the one with green wire.does this need to b in and what harness should i purchase for it,any help would be appreciated.Thanks


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Mazda's own harness is the best fit, without splicing any wire. See the first post for part number and pricing. Save yourself time on the guess work. The fuse is included when you buy the harness from Mazda. Otherwise, that slot should be empty.
Someone told me I can use the harness from the 2009cx 7 ,I tried to attach a picture ,I ordered this on eBay for$ 23.00 .I guess I'll try this if not Ill order the one above from Mazda



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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting, but I've been reading for two months now. I have the same set-up as the OP. Installed my hitch last weekend, no big deal (btw, my torque wrench fit all the bolts with plenty of clearance). I received my wiring harness Thursday and just finished installing it. I took my time with the wiring harness & I installed it clean. Plugged my boat trailer in and all the lights worked (always a plus). Disconnected the trailer and was going to move the 9, pressed the brake and I hear "CLICK"....huh....couple more time pressing the brake and I get the same noise. I disconnected the wiring harness from the main and the "CLICK" went away.....grrr....

I pulled the fuse and it was fine. Called the dealer mentioned by the OP and talked to the parts dept. I explained the harness was defective, explained that I followed the instructions step by step (minus removing Bose kicker, and back panel and some other trim the didn't need to be removed). I told them I wanted a replacement sent to me and once I received it, I would return the original. He told me I needed to send the original first. I explained about the grommet etc and said I needed the replacement first. He said he would bill be for it and when I returned the original, credit me. I told him I will just call my local dealer.

Spoke to service at my local dealer and explained the situation. "Sure, bring it in next week and we will check it out for you AT YOUR COST"........grrrrr again......Called the previous dealer, told him to send me the replacement. I figured $72 to confirm if it's the harness is cheaper than the local dealer charging me $90 an hour to scratch their heads. When I receive the replacement, I'm going to just plug it in (after disconnecting the battery) and step on the brake to see if it clicks before I disassemble the original harness.

I'm ticked that I'm going to have to do this all over again and I'm venting a little. If the replacement harness also clicks, then I must have an electrical problem in the vehicle itself. I'm sure that will turn into a finger pointing contest on whose fault it is and where the responsibility lays. Sorry for the rant, just annoyed as this sort of thing always seems to happen, take your time, do it right and still end up with an issue. So, I will ask the silly question, already knowing the any of you hear a click noise from the back of the storage area when you press the brake pedal?

Thanks for reading this.