2007~2015 CX-9 Engine shot?

Drove the car and noticed the heat blowing cold air and the temp gauge was hot so pulled over it shut off and towed it home. All the coolant was out of it. Put water in the coolant tank and checked the dipstick and the dipstick had oil and water halfway up it. Took the intake off and found my throttle body was covered. Would I be able to keep using this engine or is it shot? The oil and water that in the engine now has me worried. Would I be able to get a Ford motor or would I have to use the Mazda? Would anybody know what happened?


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2010 CX-9 GT
Water pump failure. Search the forum for "water pump" - there are a bunch of threads. The pump is driven by the timing chain. Over time, the bearing and seal on the pump shaft eventually fail and water leaks into the area behind the timing cover which drains into the oil sump.

As for your engine, most mechanics will recommend replacing it. Once that much water gets into the oil, you can't be certain how much damage was done to the bearings and it is difficult to effectively clean out all that sludge. You can replace the water pump and try to clean out the oil passages but there's no guarantee you haven't scored the bearings.
I figured the water pump was leaking when I seen the dipstick was almost half full. Why does it go into the intake though? That’s where I’m stumped
2010 CX-9 GT
The crankcase is vented into the intake. The water overfills the crankcase and the result is that some of the excess gets pulled through the vent and into the intake.