CX-9 Driver Visibility

Driver visibility in the 2018 CX-9 sucks. This became apparent after driving a VW Touareg.

To get maximum leg extension the CX-9 seat must sit low. If you raise it, it moves forward at the same time (?) lessening the leg room. Does anyone else feel too low? I see other CX-9 drivers and some look like they’re low ridin’ in there.

Then, there’s the wide pillars in the front. I’ve missed seeing many cars and had to brake after double checking both directions... What good are all the safety features if you can’t see around the damn A pillars?
The over the shoulder views in the Mazda are blocked off as well.

The VW seat sits higher and the visibility is good all around. It’s a personal preference but I like having clear eye contact with my surroundings.

There’s something very cozy about the CX-9. Part of it is that feeling of being surrounded by a cushy interior.

It’s a really good car overall... There’s just a few things about the newer CX-9 that I don’t like, poor sight lines are one of them.

And here’s Tom with the weather...

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