CX-5 Watch

'13 CX-5 Touring
Saw this on Ebay. Interesting concept that looks pretty cool but I wonder what it looks like in real life.

ebay link

Who's gunna be the guinea pig and order one?


2014 CX-5 Touring FWD Tech Pkg
Says face is a print. So it's like a paper picture. No thanks. And it's from Indonesia.
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Love the description; wonder how this one differs from the "2013 Mazda CX 5 AWD 4 Door Auto Grand Touring Steering Wheel SPORT METAL WATCH" !!!(rolleyes)


CX-5 2.2D (175PS) AWD Manual Sport-NAV + Safety Pack
Face is just a print - never be 3D/embossed

please read it carefully and thoroughly before
making a complaint and leave the bad feedback

..... so they're expecting people to be disappointed before they've even sold it then?!
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My $75 Zodiac has kept me on time for over a decade. Now if this were an IWC, I might take a a look...


Wheels, not rims...
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Mazda contracted a few high end watch companies (from Japan, Germany, and Switzerland) in the past to make special limited watches as memorabilia Rotary and Miata items. They even had Zippo make a few limited engraved history of the RX-7 on their lighters.

For the run of the mill CX? Never.