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CX-5 Concepts at Osaka Automesse


I had a chance to drop by the Automesse in Osaka, Japan this past weekend and Mazda had a couple CX-5 concepts on display...Here are a few pics I took...

I believe this one is called the Mazda CX-5 Signature Style...

The other one is called the CX-5 Motorsports Concept if I'm not mistaken...

I do like this exhaust tip setup...

What does everyone think..? Do you like what Mazda has done here or not..? Thoughts?

PS...For more pics and to host pics, be sure to check out our Photos / Media section if you haven't already...Here's the link...

Thanks for taking a look!


2019 CX-5 grand touring reserve
Looks like the autoexe rear valiance and exhaust set up on the Motorsport version
CX5 GT +pp 2018
Motorsport without the letters is amazing.
Dual exhaust look so nice. May be the will come with cx5 speed some day :))
Dreams dreams...I do miss the mazda 3 speed days :)


Harpy Eagle
2019 CX-5 AWD
I had a chance to drop by the Automesse in Osaka, Japan this past weekend and Mazda had a couple CX-5 concepts on display...Here are a few pics I took...

New CX-5 branding/emblem is a little bigger and easier to read. The CX-5 continues to be Mazda's most important product and biggest seller.
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Mazda CX-5 FWD Touring
OMG Did I see a light colored interior rather than black in picture #2 down with a light blue exterior? Ed
Occupied Calif.
2019 CX 5 GT-R
I dislike the black rims. In fact they rarely look good on any car. Regarding the exhaust tips, they look "boy racer" to me. It's an inline 4 banger and doesn't need 4 tips to try and make it look like there is some cubic inch muscle under the hood.
I did add slightly larger diameter tips to my GT-R but it was because the cut outs in the rear valance were so much larger than the factory exhaust tips that it looked odd. It was not an attempt to make the car look like there was some powerful mill under the hood.
2018 CX-9 Sig
2014 CX-5 GT
Wow, those look amazing! The CX-5 looks fantastic with the bigger wheels and fatter tires.


CX-5 Touring 2016.5
2017 CX-5 has a Kuroi sports pack sold in EU / Australia and Japan. Basically covers for your rear mirrors / wheels / strips running along front and back of the CX5. 2017 looks good, should be same for 18/19. I believe cost is in the $300-500 range excl. wheels which are probably 1200+.
2017 BMW X1
Not a fan of the first one (Signature Style), or any second-gen CX-5 that tries for the “rugged” look.

The other looks interesting though. I’ll take those tailpipes!


Great to know your thoughts, everyone...I wish I had taken more detailed pics but time was limited and it's not easy to get a clear view with lots of foot traffic around (a good thing though for Mazda).
2019 CX-5 Signature
They need to get that pano roof out of concept and into production! That's really the only thing missing on ours that I wish it had.


South Central PA
2018 CX5 Touring
w/ Pref Pkg
Nice pics. Wondering how those Toyo OCs on the Sig sound rolling down the road at 70mph...can't really see the point of putting that level tire or a street-poundin' uni-body.

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