CX-5 Ceramic Coating Question

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Has anyone put their own ceramic coating or had a professional put one on their car? If you did it tell us how hard/easy it was to do and other things you might find interesting. Also of course according to when you did it how long it's lasted. If you had it done how much did it run, has it lasted and are you satisfied with it.
Professional ceramic coating will last at least 3 years, but is quite expensive. I personally don't think professional applied is worth the cost, as I don't need it to last years, as I'm happy to apply a sealant or DIY every 6 months or so. I do however believe in the benefits of Paint Protection Film for front end, and I think PPF plus professional ceramic coating is overkill.

PS: Here is a very good video explaining the difference between a ceramic coating (professional) and wax. Covers the benefits of ceramic (which most of us have heard from marketing), but also points out the downside.

I have PPF applied, and just apply my own sealant on top (and on areas not covered by the PPF). I wasn't planning on going ceramic route as DIY, but I think I'll try the latest from Meguiar's.... their Hybrid Liquid Ceramic Wax, It's not going to last more than a year, but that's fine for my purpose.


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I was going to apply UK Quartz 3.0 to my new CX-5 last Summer, but the weather was not conducive, so I went carnuba for ease of removal if . I ended up using the UK Quartz on my Miata, because I figured it would give me an easier project to learn on.

It is not that hard to do, but you do need a clean slate to work with. My Miata turned out fantastic. I also used some Turtle Wax spray on ceramic wax on another car. I am impressed with how easy it is to apply (I used an applicator and wiped with really good MF). It has held up well for 5 months in AZ, parked outside most of the day until the C-19. It may need a recoat in a couple of months, but the water still beads nicely. The Miata, on the other hand, will not need a recoat for a couple years, and the water jumps off it like Holy Water on Satan.

The UK Quartz is harder to put on than TW, but very doable at home. You need good lighting and you need to follow the instructions to a tee.

I may do the CX-5 with UK if I ever get back to MI in the time of C-19, even though that would mean a decon, Iron X, clay and polish again before coating.
So to follow-up on my post above, I did try Meguiar's Hybrid Liquid Ceramic Wax, and am very pleased with the results. Extremely easy to apply. Very little product is needed. Very happy with the gloss and slickness.

Car is new from March 2020. Had Paint Protection Film applied on front end, and didn't get around to washing waxing till now. I did wash and clay bar. Applied a pre-wax cleaner to be sure any wax from dealer was removed and surface perfectly clean. Then applied the Hybrid Liquid Ceramic Wax. Expect it to last at least six months, and longer if I top up occasionally. Reapply periodically, and I have continuous protection.

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I too used the Meguiars Hybrid Ceramicwax with good results. I applied it when the car was just a couple weeks old. Prep is important, you need to remove any previously applied wax and clay bar the surface. I applied two coats and then another the next time I washed it. My car is garaged and only driven a few times a week now that I am retired, and so far the protection is still holding up well after more than 10 months. It only gets hand washed too which I am sure is better than harsh commercial car washes.
Funny/interesting little story...

Yesterday I applied a second coat to both cars (CX-5 and wife's car). Second coat ensures full coverage (since I'm applying by hand) and helps maximize longevity.

So today, I had both garage doors open, and was kneeing down in the back of the garage cleaning my wife's summer rims before seasonal change over (I know a little late, but C-19!). Three people walk by, and they can't see me in the back. They look in the garage and one says "Wow", another says 'Like Glass". Made me smile. Thought I'd share.