CX-5 Beauty Shot Thread

2017 Mazda CX-5
Thachers State Park Lookout! Spring has finally come to the NorthEast!

Thachers Park Lookout.jpg


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Suggestion to all photographers here:

Pay attention to the location of the sun!. This a professional photographer tip. Posts #410 and #416 for example are taken with the CX in full shade, as were many others. It is difficult to make out details, colors etc. in the dark. I know we are proud and excited about our CXs, but to really show them off we need to make sure that others can actually see them. When taking a photo make sure the sun is behind you. The result will be a much more attractive photo that others can really enjoy.
Yeah like I said, will have to take a better pic. But now I got my summer tires (and OEM wheels) back on. ;)


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Wow, some fantastic shots here. Pro level. How many takes did the plane shot take, Mac? :D