CX-5 2019 cable holder from center console to front tray

Hi guys,

I just bought a new CX-5 2019 GT Turbo and was looking for a nice way to fix my iphone cable between the center console and the front tray. I find it sad that I can't connect my phone in the front tray to use apple car play. I currently plug it into the center console and just drop my phone in the front tray.

I would like to fix the cable on the side somehow near the center console exit and near the front tray so we don't see much the cable and so it doesn't lay where the cup hoiders are when I don't use the cable. I was looking for super discrete black adhesive clips or something better and discrete but couldn't find anything nice.

Any ideas ?
Thanks !
Thanks for the reply.

I saw that kind but I think it look very cheap. I was looking for a sleek look. Something more classy or something that I can push in-between the trims or something to have a very discreet looks.