CX-5 2017 Rear Dashcam

CX-5 2017 GT AWD
Show us your rear dashcam set-up. Kindly post pics so we have an idea how to tackle such a project.
I would have placed it the way I set-up my rear Radar Detector but I don't have any smooth solid place to put it.

2016 CX5 sport 2.0 Manual
So you are mounting inside the window correct? Does that cause any problems with reflection on the glass in the image? My sport came without a backup camera, and I was contemplating mounting inside, just for ease, but am worried about distortion/reflection...
2013 VRM Mazdaspeed3, 2016 Soul Red CX-5 GT
I'm also interested in seeing how other people have setup rear dashcams in their CX-5.