2013~2016 CX-5 2012 Bose and door rattling with bass on medium.

Hi guys, it's been a while I've had the car and only today managed to get some time to ask if any of you have door rattles when you listen to the music with deep bass in it and the bass settings is set to medium. Have you managed to get rid of it? I noticed that it goes away if I press on the door trim panel. So wondering if I actually need to add some foam in between to get more pressure on the panel to avoid this vibrations.
Mazda CX-5 GSX 2.2d 2017
Probably caused by the amp clipping the bass if running 6db of bass boost at a moderate volume.
Reduce the bass boost as you increase volume
Just bought a 2014 CX-5 two weeks ago, it had the same issue. It's a common failure with Bose systems. The issue is actually the speaker cone starting to separate from the metal speaker frame. There are two fixes for this:
1) Replace the speaker with a new one ($$$)
2) Super glue or epoxy the speaker cone back to the metal frame

I did the second option, using epoxy. It's VERY easy to remove the plastic inner door panel to get to the speaker, took about 10 minutes total. I cleaned up the rust with light sandpaper and isopropyl alcohol, epoxied the cone back to the frame, waited a few hours for the epoxy to completely cure, reinstalled and voila! No more rattle/blown speaker sound!

How to take off the plastic interior door panels in a 1st generation 2012-2016 Mazda CX-5:

Search YouTube for CX-5 Bose speaker fix for the how-to videos...

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