CX-5 2.0L - P0304 P0171 - Help needed please

Mazda RX-7
There is a ion feedback system from the spark plugs, take a look at: highlights/books/n6w01/html/id0140g0004400.html and
make sure your plugs support this, you may need to put in Mazda plugs to make sure this is not the problem... Here is some of the theory

You nailed it!

The car came to me after new plugs were put in by another mechanic.

I got another CX-5 to start testing/swapping parts. Started with coils, then plugs, and noticed a big difference in the plug type in the working CX-5.

Plugs are $32 a piece at the dealer!

Be careful, RockAuto lists those Bosch Double Iridiums as compatible. THEY ARE NOT!

Thanks for all the help! Hopefully this post helps someone else.
Mazda RX-7
Linking images from Facebook. Hopefully this works.

## Differences between the two plugs

## The cost and part #PE5R-18-110
2013 CX-5 6MT
The car came to me after “new plugs were put in” by another mechanic.
Hopefully the car behaves now!

You did some pretty good diagnostic work there.
It's a shame that the stupid dealer can charge a $127 "diagnostic" fee and doesn't put any actual effort into diagnosing.

You should have the G/F's dad show this thread to this other mechanic to prevent other poor soles from going down the same path!