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I've only sat in one CX-30, looked at a few on a couple lots and have read a lot. I'm assuming they ALL come standard with a NAV system built into the infotainment system? Nowhere in any of the Mazda online info can I find a reference to a NAV system or I'm completely overlooking it. It's a couple hours to my closest Mazda dealer so I can't easily drop by for a look. I would think if it's standard equipment across the board that Mazda would make sure to point that out since it's not that common - it's usually in the top tier or two of any particular model.
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If it's like all the other Mazda's, it's built into the info system.
All you need to activate it is the NAV card.
If it's part of the purchase experience, the dealer should insert it upon delivery, thus guaranteeing that your 3 year free update period doesn't start until you take delivery.
I'm assuming of course that this same process applies to the new CX-30.
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Navigation is essentially built into most – if not all – new Mazdas, but you need to buy the Nav SD card in order to complete its functionality. Dealers are selling them for $449.95.
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Just got my Nav SD card on eBay ($44 US) - put it in the car and it worked immediately.

It was a bit fiddly when I took it out of the car and put it in my computer to update the maps - I had to switch the write-protect lock on the side of the card several times before the computer saw it as "unlocked" and available to write to. But it did all work eventually.

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