CX-30 Made In Mexico - Any Build Quality Issues?

2017 CX5 AWD Touring
How has the build quality been on the new CX-30's since they are made in Mexico?

I've owned a few CX-5's but they were always made in Japan.


CX30 GTPlusAT X180
Until present time the cars equiped with X180 engine are made in Japan . Mine is (produced in 26 febr 2020) . A friend of mine own a Mazda 3 made in Mexico...,aparently same quality and no problems at all (2 years old car)
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The recent recall on brake bolt could be an assembly line issue.
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This might actually be a "design" critique, versus build quality, but I'm horrified at the body panel gaps at the A pillar. My dealer had a whole row of 5+ CX-30s, and they were all like this.

If I squint at press photos, I think this gap is actually intentional, but I would love to be proven wrong...


It looks fine straight on:


@zoomies I see what you mean but that has got to be intentional (at least I sure hope it is). I can't see Mazda having major panel gap issues, especially with a relatively new model!

Looking at photos taken from further back, I can't even see it.