CX-3 hit by elderly driver


Oh man! Ouch! Sorry to hear and see that...Total loss right? Amazing the elderly driver is ok after a hit like that...Nice to have the video surveillance.
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Not too sure. Ill have to wait till I get an assessment. But the rear wheel seems to be bent inwards. So could be axle damage.


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I like how the guy coming the other way turns around and leaves... wtf.
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Hello, i am new here and i have also cx-3 whihc is parked in my backyard. but i was little worried about its engine
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Just an update.
Damage came out to $9800.00 and another few thousand supplemental damage after taking the car apart.
Surprisingly the car drives like new and doesnt in anyway feel like its been hit. Have to say the body shop did an amazing job. Rental car cost came out to ~$1200 (approx 1 mos) Glad Im not the one paying for any of this. I directly dealt with the other insurance company and things went much faster. Id say all in all cost of damage and repair and rental was probably ~$13,000. Have Ive gotten the low end model, it probably would have been totaled by the insurance company. Glad its a lease!