Current selling price for CX-5?

Any thoughts on this pricing (via Email with them spamming me 2x via phone)? (This is the only dealer within 80 miles, BTW)

2020 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring Reserve- met. gray

MSRP: $ 36,380
Your Price: $33,896
Sorry for the delay. The deal was for a 2020 CX-5 GT AWD in Blue/Parchment; just under $30k OTD including rebates. I think it was a pretty good deal considering other dealers around here still have several 2019 CX-5 GT AWD on their lots for roughly the same price or a few hundred less.
@jcm183 How much of the $30K was taxes, title, and registration?

I have offer in Seattle area for 2020 CX-5 GT AWD for about $33K OTD but about $3600 of that goes to the state of WA.
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Working out a lease deal now.

2019 GTR, white
$2k out of pocket
3 yr, 12k per year
$345/ month with all rebates and incentives.
Sig was around $415, but I don't think the extra features are worth it.

BTW, Mazda released ~$1000 lease rebate today on 2019 GTR and sigs today in my area (MN).


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2019 CX-5 AWD
Sounds like a great price. So that's 1,750 in incentives total and 10% off or more of MSRP for that price, and effectively 0% APR for the money factor.
2014 Ford Explorer Sport, 2009 CX9(Wife's)
Actual incentives are 1980 + 750 for loyalty since my wife has a cx9.
Gross cap is 34400 which includes sell price, all dealer fees, taxes, registration....etc.
MF is .00035