Current Engine bay pics everyone


you really need to relocate that power cable so its not under the strut bar retainer... that's just a bad position for it. for as mush movement as that gets it will rub thru eventually ad could wipe out some of your cars electronics who share grounds close to the the strut bar?!

Polish that valve cover! :)


I need more time
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I'm cleaning the whole bay once I get my camshafts done this month and put on the cam gears, then ill clean that engine bay to perfection lol. The power wire was there before I put on the bar and noticed that, lol. Ill change it.


Wham Bam thank you Ma'am
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subbin for when I get home and can take a shot of the new set-up I put together this weekend, cell phone pic wasn't cutting it.


zoom zoom, eh?
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o.g.sk8er said:
Hey Mike, what's with the wrench by the battery? lol! I hope you removed it before closing the hood! hehe
Engine look's great! This is what I need in my P-5.

hahah... that was when i was installing the hardpipes and smic. don't worry, i always clean under there after any install. :)


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I'd post mine again, but with all the shoud/shield, what's there to see? Maybe I'll do it if I can find where I filed my pix.