Creaking noise switching gears

Hi all,
I have a 2019 CX 5 sport and I notice that when I put the car in reverse with the brakes pressed I hear a creaking noise before I release the brakes. Same happens when I back up, switch to drive. Is this a normal noise to hear? It's been doing it for a couple of months and I just assumed it's moisture from sitting since I live in Florida and we have high humidity year round. I don't hear any noise when normal driving or braking, just when switching gears. Has any one else experienced this?

So I just went out to mess with it again. Pretty sure it's creep groan I am hearing. If I mash the brakes down when switching gears I don't hear anything.
I live in Florida and have a 2019 Sig with the same noise in reverse. Sounds like brakes are dragging. I had an oil change few weeks ago and asked them. Reason is exactly as you stated. Moisture from sitting. We are good to go.
2019 Cx-5 sport
same noise here, creaking …….. don't know if all cx5's do that, but
mine has had that noise since new...…… cx5 sport....

It hasn't gotten louder over the past year either, but still sounds
like another potential problem..
2018 CX5 SE-L Nav+ 2WD 2.2D 150hp Auto
All of my Auto CX5's have done this "creep groan" (good description) slowly going backwards or forwards when lightly applying the brake when maneuvering. Normal brake performance otherwise. I do live in the U.K so usually damp/wet:(
2018 CX5
Yes, our 2018 does the same thing. When going slow (forward or backwards) on and off the brake there is a creaking noise. To me it seems to be coming from the suspension. It is more noticeable now at 16K miles.