Crank no start no spark

Hello all,
I'm hoping someone can help me.

Problem: No spark, no codes (more details below)

I just recently put a used motor in my gen 1 speed 3.
I've been trying to trace a no start problem and cannot figure it out.
When I first started the car up, I was showing a P0091 code (fuel pressure regulator control circuit low voltage). The locking tab on the harness connector going to the HPFP was broken but it still sealed so figure it was okay. Followed the workshop manual diagnostics and made sure I didn't have a short or open circuit. I'm getting battery voltage when using a volt meter on the pins on the harness (KOEO) Manually powered the HPFP and you can hear it functioning. Freaked out because after all those steps, it tells you to replace PCM.
After recomposing my self, I decided to use gator clips and a probe to jump the harness pins to the pins on the HPFP. P0091 code went away instantly sweet!
HPFP internals are Corksport and when I inspected before installing onto the used motor, everything look brand new.

But, still no start. Then I pulled out my spark tester and lo and behold, no spark.
SO, I double checked my CKP. Put into TDC and on the 20th tooth.
I know for a fact that when I did the timing, I used the peg and plate supplied by Edgeautosports (which only fits one way, when cyl 1 is at TDC. I also made sure to use the crank alignment bolt and not just eyeball it as well.
I replaced the CPS with another spare I had laying around off a running car, still no start. (same with CKP)
I'm assuming I'm getting fuel as I smell it around the car when trying to start.
All fuses are good in the engine bay.

Some other info when I was looking at gauges through my Cobb AP when diagnosing the P0091 issue:
I see HPFP pressure reaching 1000psi
HPFP sense voltage was 0

I have a few questions.
1.) What else on these cars prevents spark that I can check?

2.) Am I getting a false positive on the HPFP by jumping the wires with alligator clips or am I safe to assume its the semi broken connector? I know the manual says its Continuously Monitored but doesn't mention it being a CAN BUS wire so it should be okay right?

3.) The motor I put into the speed 3 was off of a cx7. From what I could find, sensors and stuff should all be the same. Just the tune and a turbo specific to the cx7. Is that true or am I having sensor compatibility issues somewhere?

4.) The car came with a CST4, corksport 3.5 bar and full bolt ons, actually tuned by stratified or freektune, (can't remember and Cobb AP is with the car). Am I better to try to start the car with the stock tune first or continue with the tune that's on it? I haven't bothered with the stock map just because of all the parts on it.

Thank you in advance!

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