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Coolant question

2007 Mazda5 with 95K miles - no major issues over the years other than the clunking suspension problem and the usual maintenance stuff. I was topping up oil (seems to burn a lot of it) and noticed the coolant reservoir is totally dry, like no sign of anything. No issues with overheating, runs fine in cold Tahoe weather and hot summer temperatures.

I'm assuming I can just top it off with https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/...18/6283973/2007/mazda/5?q=mazda+coolant&pos=0

Seems to be compatible. Do I just top it up until it's between min/max in the reservoir?
2009 Mazda 5 GT
What color is the coolant you're running now?
The Zerex Asian Vehicle stuff is good but you want to match the color of what you have already to be safe.
2009 Mazda 5 GT
OK cool. That stuff should work well then. Fill the reservoir, drive like you normally do then check it every day for like a week so you can top it off if needed.

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