considering buying a mazda 6


long time mazda owner
2003 Protege5
Hi all, I really like the Mazda 6 hatchback (not wagon) and am pretty set on getting one, preferably with the 2.3
any advice specific to the mazda 6 I should know ?
I used to own an 04 3s with the 2.3 and had the trans issue, so that is one thing Im a little leery of, but outside of that ?

thanks for any advice.
Mazda6 GT, MX5 PRHT
The 6 only comes as a sedan in the USA. Totally new model started in 2014 with several yearly updates after that. I'm not sure what your budget is but I think a 2016 or newer would be preferred and I also prefer the GT package.


2018 Mazda6, CX-9
It was assumed you were looking at buying a new Mazda 6 since your post didn't specify.
I am thinking of buying another car, say I wanted to buy one from a private seller but the car has NO MOT is it illegal for the seller to sell someone a car without MOT or TAX ?

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