College Student First Car Build

2003 Mazda Protege5
Huge updates coming!!
So, I got the SplitSecond installed and all issues fixed. But here is the exciting part, since my turbo is donzo I've started ordering bits to get the cx installed! More updates to come as I get stuff done!
2003 Mazda Protege5
Stuff finally started coming in and its an amazing feeling! So far turbo has come in, and looks good. I got the manifold and downpipe which I sent out to signature to get some o2 bungs welded in and ceramic coated. The CX racing came in with a 13 psi wastegate but I wish, but don't wanna boom my engine yet. So I just need the straight neck/ sparco coolant hoses, wastegate, and a few other odds and ends. I will end up probably changing sparkplugs, of course, coolant and oil, and might finally see if I can find my clunks are coming from. I drove the car today and it felt bouncier lol something in the suspension is shot.
2003 Mazda Protege5
Well, this weekend is the weekend! I was going to start last weekend but I started a new job and had to commute week 1, so not the best idea to take the car apart then drive 600 miles in a week lol I will post pics later but got the manifold and down pipe ported and ceramic coated and they look absolutely beautiful. Fiance found a charity event down at Richmond letting you do laps around the track and wants me to drive my car so I'm not complaining but pushing the car back again but today I want to start with at least flushing the coolant and dissembling everything in preparation (mainly exhaust that I need to get to a friend to get flange welded in, turbo and supporting bits). Also, need to hook up the oil pressure and wideband to their appropriate receptacles. Oil temp ground went bad so its pegged out and I don't remember where I grounded it, so have to trace that. Check spark plugs and probably some more misc things. I'll try to actually update and take pics this time in order to document everything.


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2003 Mazda Protege5
So far I've gotten the old turbo out and the full exhaust. I decided to also start working on the motorcycle at the same time and have been busy after work so nothing really has been done.

I'm kinda concerned cause the coolant is still very rust-brown after 3 flushes and at one point I was only getting a gallon out when it holds well over that. I'll end up jacking the back up and redraining coolant in a few weeks. For now, the temp stays in the middle and according to temp gauge, it runs cooler so whateva.

Last weekend I started to install ARP Exhaust Studs but they were very hard to screw in. Philip told me to get a thread chaser which will be here tomorrow.
So this weekend I want to:
  • Get threads cleaned/studs installed
  • Get exhaust welded for the car and bike
  • Finish fire extinguisher install (just need to tighten new seat bolts)
  • Get the catch can installed
  • Probably start installing LED lights I purchased 2 years ago
  • Then some misc things I need to do in general
2003 Mazda Protege5
Finally some progress other than disassembly. Got off at 6 and stayed out in the garage until 1 lol

  • Finally installed the filled motor mounts Philip gave me years ago
  • Got the bracket that holds the stock downpipe
  • Got the exhaust studs installed. It honestly took me about 2 hours to just clean the threads. They were honestly disgusting. I'm amazed at how much s*** came out of them.
  • I also installed a brake LED and it doesn't seem any brighter to me but ill have to get them all in and see.

Exhaust is getting welded today so I'll probably try to get the mid-pipe reinstalled cause it's very inconvenient having to move it around the garage. we'll see where the day takes me