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College Student First Car Build


lolmsp lolms3
this is how life works. i'm almost positive once you get a good turbo, i won't need mine anymore lol
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2003 Mazda Protege5
Well, yesterday I finally started the long awaited gauge install (@323 will be so happy with me). Got the car in the air and the front bumper off. Work has been super busy with the Rona. They closed the automotive part of my job so its just stocking and cleaning and a bunch of random tasks. Sedan sat on the stands for like 2 weeks for wheel bearings lol but I have a few things I want to get done while the wagon is under the knife

  • Install gauges (duh)
  • Trim the bumper some more so it isn't hitting on the FMIC and making the bumper not fit flush
  • Install the vacuum block
  • Fix my fan wiring (done jankly at 3am trying to get the car ready to drive down to Williamsburg to meet with 323)
  • Swap my headlights
    • haven't decided if I want to go with the OEM or the black housing ones I have
  • Maybe install my catch can
  • Install my fire extinguisher (halfway just to have and I want to track the car eventually halfway cause I don't trust my wiring lol)
  • Finally, clean and put in my Mazdaspeed floor mats
I will try to update with nightly progress but we shall see

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