code u0101 how can i fix?

hi I have a 2008 mazda 5 with 69,000 miles, the problem is the reverse not responding sometimes it make a strong shift 2nd to 3rd shift, in the 2014 the old owner replaced the tcm with the code u0101
so I don't know if the problem id the tcm again. I appreciate some ideas for fix the problem so thanks for any help and tips to fix(hide)
2012 Mazda 5
Most likely a TCM failed.
Check first for good power and ground going to it.
80% it is just a complete transmission control module failure if power and ground ok. Dealer or mechanic shop can troubleshoot the module to be 100% sure but the cost to do it might be the same as the cost of doing a replacement yourself.
If you know how to find the TCM, then you can probably remove and replace it and there is no special flashing of it or programming. You pretty much buy the unit, and install it. It should only cake a couple of hours.
I see on ebay you can send in your TCM for $199 to have it repaired, or used for $250-$300 or a new for about $500
2012 Mazda 5
thanks i considering that option on ebay (cool)
Check that you are getting a good ground first on that module to be sure, with time, rust can build up around the grounds and cause similar issue, lost communication with TCM. (as per the code you provided)

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