code p753 - solenoid ?

2008 mazda 5
got a 08 mazda 5 auto with 166k miles. It threw a p753 check engine code couple weeks ago.
Here's the symptom, when put in gear (R or D) in the morning, it clunks and triggers the AT light, but no issue with acceleration, no slipping. drives fine. After 10, 15 minutes, the issue is gone (no more clunking when shifting to R or D). Once in a while during D, it might clunk once but not frequently. Next day the same thing happens again. I already tried doing a fluid change with mazda ATF.

Should I start with the solenoids? the oil pan has been glued with some kind of adhesive, almost impossible to remove, any idea?



2008.5 MGM MS3
2008.5 MS3
Just did a quick google search and in many cases, particularly with the older mazda 5, this code often times turns out to be due to a faulty TCM (transmission control module)
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2008 mazda 5
Turns out it's indeed the TCM, like most youtube videos and forum posts pointed to. Took a chance, bought a used on ebay. Clunking is gone. Here's another post regarding this issue.

mine is L39C189E1B but any 1B thru 1E will do. I got the 1E, no reprogramming required, just idle for 5 minutes after installation. Was thinking relocating tcm, kind of pain to remove battery, but didn't bother with it.