Clunk noise turning wheel after sitting

Does anyone else heard a slight clunk noise when first turning the steering wheel after the car has been sitting for a while, like overnight? I can feel it in the steering wheel and it only happens once, after that I don't hear/feel it again. Does not matter if I am moving or sitting still. Just wanting to know if it's normal or is something engaging. Car is a 2019 CX 5 Sport with 5k miles.

Wondering now if this could be my brakes sticking because of moisture. I let it sit for 5 hours and went and checked and it was fine. So only happens when I first drive after it sits outside at night. Just strange that I only feel it when I turn the wheel.
I have experienced this occasionally as well, 2018 GT
I can actually feel it in the steering wheel
I figure its a power steering booster kicking in or something
My previous vehicle (2015 Tacoma) did the same


Does the clunk happen if the car first moves without turning the steering wheel? If not I would rule out brake issue.
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2018 CX-5 Touring
I get a clunk many times when I first turn the wheel after a start. Actually it's more of a feel in the wheel than a clunk. Hiccup? My theory is it has something to due with the power steering system getting to where it wants to be. I believe my 2015 did it too.
Yes it happens without the car moving and can be left or right. That's a good description Martyd, it's not really a clunk...maybe a click.
Yea when I take mine in for it's oil change I'll ask about it. Just hoping it's normal and not lower control arm issues. ;)
Been doing some research and I actually wonder if it is the steering lock disengaging when I turn the wheel for the first time. Wouldn't it make the noise every time though? ahhhhh 😡. Sorry for posting so's driving me crazy not knowing what it is.
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So, a year later and this seems to be getting more frequent and louder. I can reproduce it without starting the car now so that rules out the electric steering. Took it to Mazda and of course they could not reproduce it and said everything seems fine. Defiantly feels like something in the front suspension.
2018 CX-5 Sport
If it happens only once when your car is first used, they won't be able to reproduce it. Try making a youtube video of it happening to show them and us. I assume the noise is coming from outside the car?
OK, I tried to get a good video but since it's hit or miss I never get it when it's bad. In the video below at 5 seconds you can hear the thump. Sometimes it's louder sometimes never happens. Turn the volume up loud :)