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Cloudy Ineffective MS6 Headlights? File a Complaint with the NHTSA!

2006 Mazdaspeed 6
I've been a member here for years... and haven't posted for years (since I owned my RX8 and Protege5 which I sold like 4 years ago). Last year I picked up a Mazdaspeed 6 which I've wanted to own since they came out. I love it.

Except for the headlights.

As everyone knows, they cloud, and become totally ineffective. I believe this condition is worse on the MS6 than any other vehicle. That's why I filed a complain on NHTSA.gov.

I was SHOCKED to find no one in the entire country besides me had filed a complaint about the headlights. Filing complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the way recalls get enacted.

We need to act.

I would urge every MS6 owner to visit NHTSA.GOV and file a complaint about their headlights. To put things into perspective, most recalls get investigated after just a couple dozen complaints, less if there are accidents or injuries involved. I'm sure no one here has been in an accident because of their headlights, but I'm sure some of you have had close calls since your low beams light output is reduced so significantly.

Go to NHTSA.GOV and file a complaint. If we can get enough people on board we might be able to at least get NHTSA to investigate the issue.

I'm going to copy this post into other forums in hopes we can get a few more people to file complaints. These in no way show negativity toward Mazda (I know we all love them, I do!) but it does show that we want Mazda to be (and know they can be) better than the quality of these headlight lenses might otherwise show.


In other news, hello! :D
How on Earth do you think that this is not showing negativity towards Mazda? The headlights on any modern car (especially ones that have lived outside in the sun for the last 6-8 years) will oxidize and become cloudy if you don't treat them properly. There's a simple solution to this problem, and it's NOT filing a complaint with NHTSA.

Go buy one of the variety of headlight restoration kits (the ones with abrasive pads, polish, and sealant), and spend an hour or two working on your car. You'll have headlamps that look as clear and bright as new.

If you have water inside the lamps, pull two of the bulbs in the housing, and hook up a shop vac to blow air through the housing. In 15 minutes or so, the housing should be clear of water. Needless to say, you have to do this while it's also dry outside, or you'll just allow more water into the housing.