Clearances and Torque Specs

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Well im not sure about your ARP stuff, but with mine there were torque values for using reg motor oil, and for using Moly lube.
Just double checking

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Does anyone have the Connecting Rod Bearing oil clearances?

They're in the engine rebuild manual. It depends on how "tight" you build the engine and what oil weight you use, it's not a specific set number.


First time rebuild here, and I'm a little out of my depth. My machine shop says to lube main bearing and connecting rod bolts (all bolts, actually) with 30w (threads + bolt head surface) and torque to the middle of the range. The FS engine workshop manual doesn't say anything about lube. I've also read that the main bearing and connecting rod bolts are torque to yield, so they should not be lubed.

So, which engine bolts should be lubed, if any, and with what kind of lube?

I'm sure this has been covered before, but I can't seem to find the answer by searching. Thanks in advance.

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The workshop manual should specify whether or not to use lube. I use all ARP products instead of Mazda TTY bolts, so I can't remember whether or not it said. If you're using replacement TTY bolts and no lube is specified, don't use one then.
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Are the main bearing clearance specs from the shop manual for a 2010 ms3? I'm doing a bottom end rebuild and I'm having a hard time finding a definite answer...Pls help!
Alot of people on here ask about torque specs for engine components, and you cant really find it anywhere online so i figured i would post this stuff for everybody's use
(Plus i had to type it up for a friend anyways lol)

*Cylinder Head*
Assembly: Looking at the top of the head, front of engine on left

(8) (4) (1) (5) (9)
(7) (3) (2) (6) (I0)

-1st Step: 17.2-22.0 Nm (2.7-16.2 ft lbs)
-2nd Step: tighten another 85*-95* in order
-3rd Step: tighten another 85*-95* in order

*ARP Head Studs*
-Tighten in the above order
-Use ARP Moly Lube
-30 ft-lbs, then 60 ft-lbs, then 90 ft-lbs

*Cylinder Head Bolts Limits*
-Standard Length: 99.2-99.8 mm (3.91-3.92 in)
-Max. Length: 100.5mm (3.956 in)

*Camshaft Cap Bolt*
Assembly: Looking at the top of the head, front of engine on left

(19) (11) (3) (7) (15)
(17) (9) (1) (5) (13)

(18) (I0) (2) (6) (14)
(20) (12) (4) (8) (16)

Torque: 11.3-14.2 Nm (12.7-16.2 ft lbs)

*Main Bearing Cap*
Assembly: Looking at the crank, flywheel end on the right

(8) (4) (1) (5) (9)
(7) (3) (2) (6) (I0)

-Torque: 54-58 Nm (40-43 ft lbs)
-ARP Main Stud Torque- 60 ft lbs W/ MOLY LUBE

*Connecting Rod Nut*
-Torque: 48-50 Nm (35-36 ft lbs)

*Pauter Connecting Rod Nut*
-Torque: 50 ft lbs

*Crankshaft Pulley*
-Pulley to pulley boss: 12.3-17.1 Nm (109-151 in lbs)
-Pulley Boss to crankshaft: 157-166 Nm (116-122 ft lbs)

*Flywheel/Flex Plate*
-Torque: 92-102 Nm (70.9-75.9 ft lbs)

*Oil Pump*
-Torque: 19-25 Nm (14-18 ft lbs)

*Tip Clearance
-Standard: .02-.018 mm
-Max: .22 mm

*Max. Body Clearance
-Standard: .09-.18 mm
-Max: .22 mm

*Side Clearance
-Standard: .03-.11mm
-Max: .14 mm

*Water Pump*
-Torque: 7.9-10.7 Nm (69.5-95.4 in lbs)

Thats it for the torque specs I have, if anybody has any i didnt list, let me know and ill add them to the list
I had to use an I instead of a 1 in the 10's or else this would show up (10)

The clearances will be updated in the next post, but it will take me a while to type them
Is this for a Mazda CX-9 2010 3.7 8 vin# v?
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Is there a specified clearance of valves to the pistons? How much room is there?