Clear coat damage

Was cleaning critter poop off the bonnet of the CX5 2020 and have dulled/scratched the clear coat. Any recommendations on a compound or wax to restore the sheen? Thanks
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a picture is gonna go a LONG way on suggestions. however always start with the LEAST aggressive method first.

some youtube is gonna be in your future

"clearcoat scratch"

here some random finds:

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For minor damage I would use Turtle wax premium grade rubbing compound, gently by hand, applying with a microfiber cloth. It worked wonders on my old car. I wouldn't use safety sandpaper, just compound on the scratch, not all around it.
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For minor damage I would use Turtle wax premium grade rubbing compound, gently by hand, applying with a microfiber cloth. It worked wonders on my old car. I wouldn't use safety sandpaper, just compound on the scratch, not all around it.
Thanks will try this product out. Nolzy


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Micro-marring. Use a product with mild abrasives like a polish to level out the scratches. I'd suggest Meguiar's Ultimate Polish or something similar, then reseal with a wax or sealant of your choice. The rubbing compound will work, but it may be more than you need. Ensure you use the right applicator pad when polishing.
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I totally agree with sm1ke.

Take advice from someone who has done a lot of body work during his life-time. Me.

In fact, within the past few months, I did some cosmetic body work on the front end of my 2016 MX-5. I repainted it and then put on at least 4 heavy coats of clear. I didn't have any body damage. I just wanted to remove the large "M" emblem which entailed filling the large recessed area that the "M" is imbedded into.

Never use rubbing compound unless you plan on having your vehicle re-clear clear coated. Rubbing compound will remove your clear coat before you even realize the damage you have done. It happens very quickly.

I recommend using very soft cotton cloths for this polishing work. Nothing beats cotton for great finishes and don't press heavily while polishing. Use very light strokes. It will take a bit longer but will be worth the time spent.

As sm1ke said, using Meguiar's polish or something similar is the way to go and even with that, use sparingly until you see the shine starting to show. Remember, the clearcoat finishes on most vehicles, including Mazda vehicles is very thin. Once you break through this finish, the painted, or colored surface is dull by nature and can only be fixed with another coat of clear.

I suspect what you did just caused microscopic scratches that appear to be flat or dull but under a microscope you will see they are actually very fine, scratches.

If possible, use a florescent light at an angle to see how your work is progressing.

Good luck and hopefully, you will post before and after pictures.

Sorry for the long winded post. Sometimes my enthusiasm gets carried away.:)
Thank you. I have purchased the meguiars products and saw some improvements after polishing and waxing but suspect I need to work more on it. I assume clear coating is something I would need a professional body shopper to do?
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I'd go to a good detailer. The good ones really like what they do and like talking about what they do and what your options are, as well as can give you an idea as to what they can do for you and what you can expect it to look like
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I have had great results with this -

A bit expensive, but it goes a long way. Have also used it to correct the entire surface of a car that is all swirled out. Has an intermediate cut to it, so it is not overly abrasive. 32 oz bottle is overkill for occasional corrections, I would try to find it in an 8 oz bottle.

In a situation like the OP's I would use it with a 3" orange pad in an orbital buffer, and you should not have to worry about burning the clearcoat.
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First, it's hard to know how bad it is without pictures.

Sounds like you got a good start with the polish. You could try to hit it with the polish again. Might have to step up to the Ultimate Compound. It's slightly more aggressive, but still forgiving. You'll likely need to follow it up with the polish again to get the full shine back.

I used Meguiar's Ultimate Compound and Polish to correct my Golf R with a dual action polisher for the majority. The only area I did by hand was behind the door handles. They were really scratched from I'm guessing fingernails/gloves. I used a microfiber pad (blue 3-4" diameter) and Ultimate Compound with I followed up with a foam applicator(3" yellow) and Ultimate Polish. I got most of the scratches out. Not perfect, but significantly improved.