Chrome Delete?

2019 CX-9 GT
Would love to hear an update from the OP as to whether he finished the chrome delete.
After getting a couple $800+ quotes to get it done professionally, I decided spend less than $90 for the tools and supplies and try it myself. The learning curve is steep to say the least. Unfortunately the CX-9 trim is very complex and not wrap friendly. One shop even said they wouldn’t do the windows because there was no where to get clean cuts and it wouldn’t look good.
After a few failed attempts I’m trying to decide whether to persevere or scrap the whole project.
These pictures were my motivation to try it...


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2019 CX-9 GT
Update...I’ve decided to press on! Was able to get one side of the window trim done and while it’s not perfect, from even one step back it looks pretty good!

Definitely takes a little while to learn how the vinyl behaves but I’m starting to get a handle on it. I will post up some pics when I’m all done (which could be a couple weeks. Can only get small portions of time to work on it with a full time working wife and two kids under the age of 3):cautious:
2019 CX-9 GT
Got on a roll last night and got everything done except the front. I’m super happy with the result so far. It’s definitely not perfect. Right up close you can see a few spots of blemishes, but from even just a step back it looks pretty good!
The pictures don’t really do it justice. The gloss black really pops in person. Now to take on the front grill!

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I don't have any experience with higher end dips, but off the shelf regular stuff will not age well. So initially they will look ok but after a while, uv will dull it.


Work In Progress..
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Why not just dip it

Plasti-Dip leaves a textured matte finish. Wrap is typically much smoother and more uniform looking with a gloss finish (that will match the rest of the pieces that have already been wrapped).
2019 CX-9 GT
Yes to all of the above. Better looking, longer lasting finish. Look at the Audi’s with the black optics package or the higher spec BMW’s. All gloss black trim and grilles.
2019 CX-9 GT
Another most of the front grille wrapped. The U part was an absolute PITA. Tried several attempts to wrap it with one large piece and was unsuccessful. Had to resort to doing it piecemeal. Up close you can see the seams, but from a step back it looks pretty good. Goes along with the theme of this whole project, “good from far but far from good”.

Ended up doing the rear emblems in plastidip’s new product called Hyperdip. Was happy with the result so I will use the same product for the horizontal cross bars as they are way too intricate to wrap.

Happy with the progress so far, but it still looks a little incomplete. Once I get the grille done and get a set of gloss black 22’s on there I think it’ll really come together.
Looking good. You could try removing one of the grill insert to see if it would look good with just then removed instead of hyperdip’ed. They would also be a lot easier to Hyperdip removed if you go that route.