Checking Engine Oil after overnight!

I tend to change oil in 5k increments with Mobil1 Full Syn 0w20.

Got this car with 85k - must have done oil change closer to 90k and another at 95k. Now at 97k, I checked the level - it was just above the min level! The car does not leak at all - the floor was reasonably flat - no strange smell. Will the measurement be different if I did it right after driving?

Did I check the dipstick differently?
Oil color was not bad - somewhat brown - does this mean, I should change oil again when it hits the min level?

I rarely had to top off engine oil on any of my cars - I am puzzled! I had the oil change done by a private m/c with my parts - I saw everything that he did it on my car.
2012 Mazda 5
I always check the level next day after the oil change just to make sure that did not stuff the during the change.
This way you know that you have a good start, if much time has gone by, you can't tell if it is the car that eats oil or the guy did not add enough.
Engines usually burn a bit of oil, so it is normal to go from "top" mark to "bottom" mark between the oil changes.
Oil always changes colour, can't just go by colour. Top it up to the full level and see how it holds to the next oil change, this way you will know how much oil is gone in 2k.
After the next change, check the day after in the morning on the cold engine, this will give you a very good starting point. Keep checking every 1k and see whats happening.

You don't check oil right a way after you shut the engine off, but maybe 1-2 minutes after so the residence of oil in the engine drain to the pan.
I just check in the am, this way don't even need to wipe an oil stick, just take it out and see.